Post #3. Warm-up Exercises

Author Peter Wayne introduces the following exercises in Chapter Three of his book writing that he chose these exercises to deliver and maximize the dose of the Eight Active Ingredients of Tai Chi. Growing out of the ancient Tai Chi tradition, these exercises integrate gentle, relaxed flowing movements, mindfulness, natural breathing, and imagery — with the net result being a unique meditative, yet invigorated state. (p.66)

#1. Tai Chi Pouring, Swinging, and Drumming

#2. Swinging to Intergrate the Whole Body

#3. Hip Circles

#4. Spiring the Lower Extremity

#5. Spiraling the Upper Extremity

#6. Streaching the Hands and Arms

#7. Sung Relaxation Breathing

#8. The Dragon Wags Its Tail

#9. The Fountain

#10. Washing Yourself with Healing Energy from Nature

Please Note: Classes will begin with #1. Tai Chi Pouring, Swinging, and Drumming followed by a random selection from this list. The intention of this post is for the student to practice along with the video clips as Dr. Wayne’s narration is very helpful.

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