Post #15. The Mystery of Floods

On Sunday morning, the second day of February, I set my camera up to take a Tai Chi selfie movie at Kla Ha Ya Park in Snohomish, where I do Tai Chi every morning — but I was out of the frame!

Kla Ha Ya Park, between Avenues B and C below First Street.

The riverfront park turns into a peninsula when the river covers the trail so I was alone, very close to the river, and it was moving fast. The energy, the sound of the rushing water, along with the movements of Tai Chi filled me with awe — with a wordless appreciation of water’s mystery.

Many Taoists compare the Tao to water. “Water always seeks to do the easiest thing for as long as it can … there is nothing stronger and weaker than water, and yet there is nothing better for attacking hard and strong things.” [1]

Perhaps it’s best my Tai Chi selfie was not successful, as it makes the mystery of the experience stronger. The river has returned to its banks and I have returned to the park for Tai Chi but the memory of the river’s energy will be with me for a long time.

. . .

Featured Image: Boat ramp underwater at Cady Landing.