Post #21. Tai Chi at the Ocean

Following a forecast of sunshine and a full moon, I headed west on October 1 for a long weekend at Kalaloch Beach. It was great fun.

Friday morning, I harnessed a GoPro camera to my chest in order to capture the movement of my hands while doing Tai Chi on the beach. A second camera captured the distant view and the result is the four-minute movie above. I continued to shoot my hands doing tai chi over the next two days and got better at keeping them in view, but as a movie, it works best to have a distant view for reference.

It has come to me this past year how expressive the movement of the hands is doing tai chi and I’m looking forward to making another movie in the spring of doing tai chi at the beach.

Plus, I love taking photos on the beach.

Broke-up the trip home with a night in the Heart of the Hills Campground on the way to Hurricane Ridge. Started early in the morning to hike the two-mile Heart of the Forest Trail before heading home. Below is a clip of the last minute of my three-hour walk.

. . .