Post #17. Surface of Stillness

The river was blue this morning, a Sunday,
it was a mirror holding the soft blue sky —
a surface of stillness.

The river’s flow of gravity, yielding
to the pull of the moon, is at a standstill –
(renamed: “Lake Snohomish”).

Like the town people … told to “stay inside!”
Yet, pulled by the warm, bright sunshine and
the stillness of the river.

Then there are people with essential jobs …
like me, practicing Tai Chi in the park –
Breathing up from my feet.

A week later, the morning fog follows the flow of the river,
and two ducks are riding the incoming tide to a standstill
on the Snohomish River at Snohomish.

Gallery of Week One Images: COVID-19 Quarantine on the Snohomish River Front Trail.

. . .

For the Tai Class at the Monroe Y on the second week its been canceled due to the COVID-19 shutdown.