Post #32. December

Dear Readers —
This is Kla Ha Park facing the Snohomish River where I do tai chi every morning. This morning I mounted the GoPro on a tripod for two takes of my 24 forms, the second one with this wide view is kinda fun.
(Clip embedded below.)
It wasn’t until later after my brother called to say Hi on the anniversary of our mother’s birth that I remembered, and dedicated the 24 forms of tai chi facing the flood to her memory.

11.16.2021: Remembering Maxine on the Anniversary of Her Birth in 1917.

My first memory is of sitting on the shoulders of a stranger so this three-year-old boy could see the soldiers coming off the train into the crowded train station. Mom and I were waiting for the arrival of my father from the war, though he missed the real action on the tropical island of Guam.

In a later memory, Mom tells me again the story that I pointed at a soldier and asked, “Is that him?” “He was black,” she says, laughing, spinning the ice in her Manhattan.

Onward ~w.