Post #11. Breathing Light!

“Breathing Light” is an artwork installation by James Turrell that was installed at MASS MoCA where I was happy to finally witness the work on June 18th. I missed seeing the work at the Henry Gallery on the UW campus several years ago.

As I was alone in the artwork, I spontaneously began doing our exercise “waving hands like clouds” — it was one of the high lights of my road trip. It was often difficult to find an appropriate space for Tai Chi at a regular time as I do in Snohomish by going to the riverside park.

For sure the most impressive spot was practicing the forms at the end of a breakwater built out into the Ste. Lawerance River at Ste. Flavie, especially when the wind was its strongest, which was two days of the three I was there.

If you are up for a Seattle adventure, on a clear blue sky day, visit the James Turell Skyspace permanently installed at the Henry Art Gallery.

Happy to be back and done with driving for a long time! Thanks again to Mike Guston for filling in for me.

. . .