Post #16. White Crane Spreads Wings

Of course, it would be best if we could do a class outing to actually see a crane spread its wings, but this prize photograph by Steve Torna found on the Audubon Website will have to do.

The intention is to inspire our practice of the Third Form: White Crane Spreads Wings. I hope this collection of internet content will be enjoyable and benefit your practice of Tai Chi.

Legend of Zhang Sanfeng
On one occasion, Zhang Sanfeng observed a bird (white crane) attacking a snake and was greatly inspired by the snake’s defensive tactics. It remained still and alert in the face of the bird’s onslaught until it made a lunge and fatally bit its attacker. This incident inspired him to create a set of 72 taijiquan movements. He is also associated with the Taoist monasteries in the Wudang Mountains. [Wikipedia]

Master Gu and Kim Guisun Practice at the Yuxu Cave in Wudang Mountains where Zhang Sanfeng Created Tai Chi Chuan.

Feathered Fighter – A Sandhill Crane Versus a Black Bear.

24 Form Tai Chi Demonstration Back View with Master Amin Wu — video begins at Form 3: White Crane Spreads Wings.(disregard the title)

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