Post #9. Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms

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These 24 Forms are based on the Wang Style, refer to Post #5 to review the Historical Roots of Tai Chi.

1. Opening
2. Part the Wild Horse’ s Mane
3. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
4. Brush Knee and Step Forward
5. Playing the Lute
6. Repulse Monkey
7. Grasp Sparrow’s Tail on Left
8. Grasp Sparrow’s Tail on Right
9. Single Whip I
10. Wave Hands Like Clouds
11. Single Whip II
12. High Pat on Horse
13. Right Heel Kick
14. Strike to Ears with Both Fists
15. Turn and Left Heel Kick
16. Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
17. Right Lower Body and Stand on One Leg
(Note: We use Descending Single Whip & Stand as Golden Roster in class)
18. Shuttle Back and Forth
19. Needle at Sea Bottom
20. Fan Through Back
21. Turn to Deflect, Parry, and Punch
22. Appears Closed
23. Cross Hands
24. Closing

Front view with the Forms’ names.

Rear view with the Forms’ names, but different than what we use in class.

FEATURED IMAGE: Birds On a Wire, September 12 2018.
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