Post #31. November

Featured Image: The last of the marathon runners heading down First Street, Snohomish, to the finish line, 9:05A, October 17, 2021.

“You Are Identical to Experience…”


A Sunday, bright, soft sunshine

perfect for running a marathon;

or practicing tai chi — 72 forms,

(three rounds of 24)

to random bursts of people cheering,

some louder and longer than others,

all folded into the experience

of doing the forms, like the leaves

falling to join me.


By the time tai chi was done, and

I walked the riverside trail to Cedar,

then up to First Street,

the runners were very far apart

but the Finish Line is downhill now

to the west end of our empty main street

(which lines up with the westward bend

in the river flowing to the sea).


…can you feel that?
Sam Harris